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110th United States Congress

From dKosopedia

110th - United States Congress
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
Previous 109th Congress
Next 111th Congress

The 110th United States Congress is the present session of the Legislature of the United States federal government. This Congress first convened on January 4, 2007 and expires on January 3, 2009. Of the 435 members of the House of Representatives, 433 were elected in the November 2006 House elections, and two were elected in December 2006 runoffs. United States Senators are elected in staggered terms: 33 of the 100 from class I were elected in the November 2006 Senate elections. The remainder were elected in 2002 Senate elections (class II) and 2004 Senate elections (class III).




House of Representatives=== ===House of Representatives

District Name Party Religion Prior Experience Education Assumed Office Born In
Alabama 1 Bonner, Jo Republican Episcopalian congressional aide University of Alabama 20031959
Alabama 2 Everett, Terry Republican Baptist journalist, newspaper publisher Enterprise State Junior College (attended) 19931937
Alabama 3 Rogers, Mike Republican Baptist Calhoun County Commissioner, State House of Representatives Jacksonville State University, Birmingham School of Law 20031958
Alabama 4 Aderholt, Robert Republican Congregationalist Haleyville Municipal Judge Birmingham-Southern, Samford, Cumberland School of Law 19971965
Alabama 5 Cramer, Bud Democratic Methodist Madison County District Attorney University of Alabama 19911947
Alabama 6 Bachus, Spencer Republican Baptist state Republican Party chairman Auburn, University of Alabama 19931947
Alabama 7 Davis, Artur Democratic Lutheran Assistant U.S. Attorney Harvard 20031967
Alaska At Large Young, Don Republican Episcopalian State Senate, ship captain, mayor of Fort Yukon California State University, Chico 1973 1933
Arizona 1 Renzi, Rick Republican Roman Catholic insurance executive Northern Arizona, Catholic 20031958
Arizona 2 Franks, Trent Republican Baptist non-profit program manager, policy consultant Ottawa (attended) 20031957
Arizona 3 Shadegg, John Republican Episcopalian lawyer Arizona 19951949
Arizona 4 Pastor, Ed Democratic Roman Catholic Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Teacher Arizona State, Arizona 1991 1943
Arizona 5 Mitchell, Harry Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of Tempe, State Senate Arizona State 20071947
Arizona 6 Flake, Jeff Republican LDS non-profit program manager Brigham Young 20011962
Arizona 7 Grijalva, Raúl Democratic Roman Catholic Pima County Board of Supervisors Arizona 20031948
Arizona 8 Giffords, Gabrielle Democratic Jewish State Senate Scripps, Cornell 20071970
Arkansas 1 Berry, Marion Democratic Methodist pharmacist, farmer Arkansas 19971942
Arkansas 2 Snyder, Vic Democratic Methodist physician, State Senate Willamette, Oregon, Arkansas 19971947
Arkansas 3 Boozman, John Republican Baptist optometrist Southern College of Optometry, Arkansas 20011950
Arkansas 4 Ross, Mike Democratic Methodist financial executive, State Senate Arkansas 20011961
California 1 Thompson, Mike Democratic Roman Catholic military, State Senate Chico State 19991951
California 2 Herger, Wally Republican LDS State Assembly California State University, Sacramento (attended) 19871945
California 3 Lungren, Dan Republican Roman Catholic State Attorney General Notre Dame, Georgetown 20051946
California 4 Doolittle, John Republican LDS State Senate University of California at Santa Cruz, McGeorge School of Law 19911950
California 5 Matsui, Doris Democratic Methodist law firm director University of California, Berkeley 2005 1944
California 6 Woolsey, Lynn Democratic Presbyterian Petaluma City Council member,Teacher University of Washington, University of San Francisco 19931937
California 7 Miller, George Democratic Roman Catholic State Senate San Francisco State University, University of California, Davis 19751945
California 8 Pelosi, Nancy Democratic Roman Catholic San Francisco Board of Supervisors Trinity Washington University 19871940
California 9 Lee, Barbara Democratic Baptist State Senate Mills College, University of California, Berkeley 1998 1946
California 10 Tauscher, Ellen Democratic Roman Catholic investment banker Seton Hall University 19971951
California 11 McNerney, Jerry Democratic Roman Catholic engineering executive University of New Mexico 20071951
California 12 Speier, JackieTemplate:Ref label Democratic Roman Catholic California State Senator UC Davis, UC Law 20081950
California 13 Stark, Pete Democratic Atheist Banking executive Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, Berkeley 19731931
California 14 Eshoo, Anna Democratic Roman Catholic San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Cañada College, Menlo College 19931942
California 15 Honda, Mike Democratic Protestant Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, State Assembly San Jose State University 20011941
California 16 Lofgren, Zoe Democratic Christian Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Stanford University, Santa Clara University 19951947
California 17 Farr, Sam Democratic Episcopalian State Assembly Willamette University, Santa Clara University, Monterey Institute of International Studies 19931941
California 18 Cardoza, Dennis Democratic Roman Catholic State Assembly University of Maryland, College Park 20031959
California 19 Radanovich, George Republican Roman Catholic Mariposa County Board of Supervisors California Polytechnic State University 19951955
California 20 Costa, Jim Democratic Roman Catholic State Assembly Fresno State University 20051952
California 21 Nunes, Devin Republican Roman Catholic Director of Rural Development with the United States Department of Agriculture College of the Sequoias, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo 20031973
California 22 McCarthy, Kevin Republican Baptist State Assembly California State University, Bakersfield 20071965
California 23 Capps, Lois Democratic Lutheran nurse, teacher Pacific Lutheran University, Yale University, University of California, Santa Barbara 1998 1938
California 24 Gallegly, Elton Republican Protestant Simi Valley City Council Member Huntington Park High School 19871944
California 25 McKeon, Howard Republican LDS Mayor of Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita City Council Member Brigham Young University 19931938
California 26 Dreier, David Republican Christian Scientist director of corporate relations Claremont McKenna College, Claremont Graduate School 19811952
California 27 Sherman, Brad Democratic Jewish lawyer, accountant University of California, Los Angeles, Harvard Law School 19971954
California 28 Berman, Howard Democratic Jewish State Assembly University of California, Los Angeles 19831941
California 29 Schiff, Adam Democratic Jewish State Senate Stanford University, Harvard University 20011960
California 30 Waxman, Henry Democratic Jewish State Assembly University of California, Los Angeles 19751939
California 31 Becerra, Xavier Democratic Roman Catholic State Assembly Stanford University 19931958
California 32 Solis, Hilda Democratic Roman Catholic State Senate California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, University of Southern California 20011957
California 33 Watson, Diane Democratic Roman Catholic U.S. Ambassador to Micronesia University of California, Los Angeles 20011933
California 34 Roybal-Allard, Lucille Democratic Roman Catholic public relations executive California State University, Los Angeles 19931941
California 35 Waters, Maxine Democratic Christian State Assembly California State University, Los Angeles 19911938
California 36 Harman, Jane Democratic Jewish professor of public policy Smith College, Harvard Law School 20011945
California 37 Richardson, LauraTemplate:Ref label Democratic Methodist Long Beach City Council and assistant speaker pro tempore of the California State Assembly University of California, Los Angeles 20071962
California 38 Napolitano, Grace Democratic Roman Catholic State Assembly Texas Southmost College 19991936
California 39 Sanchez, Linda Democratic Roman Catholic attorney University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Los Angeles 20031969
California 40 Royce, Ed Republican Roman Catholic State Senate California State University, Fullerton 19931951
California 41 Lewis, Jerry Republican Presbyterian State Assembly University of California, Los Angeles 19791934
California 42 Miller, Gary Republican Protestant State Assembly Mount San Antonio College 19991948
California 43 Baca, Joe Democratic Roman Catholic State Senate University of California, Los Angeles 19991947
California 44 Calvert, Ken Republican Protestant real estate executive Chaffey College, San Diego State University 19931953
California 45 Bono Mack, Mary Republican Protestant congressional aide University of Southern California 19981961
California 46 Rohrabacher, Dana Republican Baptist special assistant to Ronald Reagan California State University, Long Beach, University of Southern California 19891947
California 47 Sanchez, Loretta Democratic Roman Catholic financial analyst Chapman University, American University 19971960
California 48 Campbell, John Republican Presbyterian State Assembly University of California, Los Angeles, University of Southern California 20051955
California 49 Issa, Darrell Republican Protestant electronics executive Kent State University Stark, Siena Heights College 20011953
California 50 Bilbray, Brian Republican Roman Catholic U.S. House, lobbyist Southwestern College 20061951
California 51 Filner, Bob Democratic Jewish congressional aide San Diego State University 19931942
California 52 Hunter, Duncan Republican Baptist attorney Western State University College of Law 19811946
California 53 Davis, Susan Democratic Jewish State Assembly University of California, Berkeley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 20011944
Colorado 1 DeGette, Diana Democratic Presbyterian State House of Representatives Colorado College 19971957
Colorado 2 Udall, Mark Democratic Unspecified State House of Representatives Williams College 19991950
Colorado 3 Salazar, John Democratic Roman Catholic State House of Representatives U.S. Military Academy 20051953
Colorado 4 Musgrave, Marilyn Republican Assembly of God State House of Representatives Colorado State University 20031949
Colorado 5 Lamborn, Doug Republican Christian State Senate University of Kansas 20071954
Colorado 6 Tancredo, Thomas Republican Presbyterian State House of Representatives University of Northern Colorado 19991945
Colorado 7 Perlmutter, Ed Democratic Protestant State Senate University of Colorado 20071953
Connecticut 1 Larson, John Democratic Roman Catholic State Senate Central Connecticut State University 19991948
Connecticut 2 Courtney, Joe Democratic Roman Catholic State House of Representatives Tufts University 20071953
Connecticut 3 DeLauro, Rosa Democratic Roman Catholic EMILY's List director Marymount College 19911943
Connecticut 4 Shays, Chris Republican Christian Scientist State House of Representatives New York University 19871945
Connecticut 5 Murphy, Chris Democratic Protestant Connecticut House of Representatives, State Senate Williams College 20071973
Delaware At Large Castle, Michael Republican Roman Catholic Delaware General Assembly, Governor Hamilton College, Georgetown 19931939
Florida 1 Miller, Jeff Republican Methodist real estate broker, deputy sheriff University of Florida 20011959
Florida 2 Boyd, Allen Democratic Methodist State House of Representatives Florida State University 19971945
Florida 3 Brown, Corrine Democratic Baptist State House of Representatives Florida A&M University 19931946
Florida 4 Crenshaw, Ander Republican Episcopalian Florida House of Representatives, State Senate University of Georgia, University of Florida 20011944
Florida 5 Brown-Waite, Ginny Republican Roman Catholic Hernando County Commissoner, President Pro Tem of the Florida State Senate State University of New York at Albany 20031943
Florida 6 Stearns, Cliff Republican Presbyterian military George Washington University, University of California at Los Angeles 19891941
Florida 7 Mica, John Republican Episcopalian State House of Representatives University of Florida 19931943
Florida 8 Keller, Ric Republican Methodist attorney Vanderbilt University 20011964
Florida 9 Bilirakis, Gus Republican Eastern Orthodox lawyer, State House of Representatives University of Florida 20071963
Florida 10 Young, Bill Republican Methodist State Senate Army National Guard 19711930
Florida 11 Castor, Kathy Democratic Presbyterian Assistant General Counsel to the Florida Department of Community Affairs, President of the Florida Association of Women Lawyers, Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners Emory University 20071966
Florida 12 Putnam, Adam Republican Episcopalian State House of Representatives University of Florida 20011974
Florida 13 Buchanan, Vern Republican Baptist auto dealer Cleary University 20071951
Florida 14 Mack, Connie Republican Roman Catholic State House of Representatives University of Florida 20051967
Florida 15 Weldon, Dave Republican Christian military State University of New York 19951953
Florida 16 Mahoney, Tim Democratic Methodist COO of assest management company West Virginia University, George Washington University 20071956
Florida 17 Meek, Kendrick Democratic Baptist State Senate Florida A&M University 20031966
Florida 18 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana Republican Episcopalian Florida House of Representatives, State Senate Florida International University, University of Miami 19891952
Florida 19 Wexler, Robert Democratic Jewish Florida House of Representatives; State Senate University of Florida 19971961
Florida 20 Wasserman Schultz, Debbie Democratic Jewish State Senate University of Florida 20051966
Florida 21 Diaz-Balart, Lincoln Republican Roman Catholic lawyer New College of Florida 19931954
Florida 22 Klein, Ron Democratic Jewish lawyer, State House of Representatives Ohio State, Case Western Law 20071957
Florida 23 Hastings, Alcee Democratic AME lawyer, District Court judge Fisk University 19931936
Florida 24 Feeney, Tom Republican Presbyterian lawyer; State House of Representatives Penn State; Pitt Law 20031958
Florida 25 Diaz-Balart, Mario Republican Roman Catholic aide to Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez; State House of Representatives South Florida 20031961
Georgia 1 Kingston, Jack Republican Episcopalian agribusiness, insurance executive University of Georgia 19931955
Georgia 2 Bishop, Sanford Democratic Baptist State Senate Morehouse College 19931947
Georgia 3 Westmoreland, Lynn Republican Baptist State House of Representatives Georgia State University (attended) 20031950
Georgia 4 Johnson, Hank Democratic Buddhist lawyer, DeKalb County Commission Clark Atlanta University 20071954
Georgia 5 Lewis, John Democratic Baptist Atlanta City Council American Baptist Theological Seminary 19871940
Georgia 6 Price, Tom Republican Presbyterian State Senate University of Michigan 20051954
Georgia 7 Linder, John Republican Presbyterian State House of Representatives University of Minnesota 19931942
Georgia 8 Marshall, Jim Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of Macon Princeton University, Boston University 20051948
Georgia 9 Deal, Nathan Republican Baptist State Senate Mercer University 19931942
Georgia 10 Broun, PaulTemplate:Ref label Republican Baptist physician University of Georgia, Medical College of Georgia 20071946
Georgia 11 Gingrey, Phil Republican Roman Catholic State Senate Medical College of Georgia 20031942
Georgia 12 Barrow, John Democratic Baptist Athens-Clarke County city/county commissioner University of Georgia 20051955
Georgia 13 Scott, David Democratic Baptist State Senate Florida A&M University 20031946
Hawaii 1 Abercrombie, Neil Democratic Non-Affiliated Honolulu City Council; State Senate Union College, University of Hawaii 19911938
Hawaii 2 Hirono, Mazie Democratic Buddhist Hawaii House of Representatives, Lieutenant Governor University of Hawaii, Georgetown 20071947
Idaho 1 Sali, Bill Republican Evangelical State House of Representatives University of Idaho 20071954
Idaho 2 Simpson, Mike Republican LDS dentist, Blackfoot City Council, Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives Utah State University 19991950
Illinois 1 Rush, Bobby Democratic Protestant Chicago City Council, insurance agent Roosevelt University, University of Illinois, McCormick Theological Seminary 19931946
Illinois 2 Jackson Jr., Jesse Democratic Baptist community organizer North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State, Chicago Theological Seminary, University of Illinois 19951965
Illinois 3 Lipinski, Dan Democratic Roman Catholic college professor Northwestern, Stanford, Duke 20051966
Illinois 4 Gutierrez, Luis Democratic Roman Catholic Chicago City Council, teacher, social worker Northeastern Illinois University 19931953
Illinois 5 Emanuel, Rahm Democratic Jewish investment banker Sarah Lawrence College, Northwestern 20031959
Illinois 6 Roskam, Peter Republican Anglican State Senate University of Illinois, Chicago Kent College of Law 20071961
Illinois 7 Davis, Danny Democratic Baptist Chicago City Council, Cook County Board of Commissioners Arkansas AM & N, Chicago State, Union Institute and University 19971941
Illinois 8 Bean, Melissa Democratic Eastern Orthodox consulting firm director Roosevelt University 20051962
Illinois 9 Schakowsky, Jan Democratic Jewish State House of Representatives University of Illinois 19991944
Illinois 10 Kirk, Mark Republican Congregationalist Counsel to House International Relations Committee Cornell University, London School of Economics, Georgetown, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (attended) 20011959
Illinois 11 Weller, Jerry Republican Christian State House of Representatives University of Illinois 19951957
Illinois 12 Costello, Jerry Democratic Roman Catholic chief investigator, Illinois State Attorney's office Maryville College of the Sacred Heart 1988 1949
Illinois 13 Biggert, Judy Republican Episcopalian State House of Representatives Stanford, Northwestern 19991937
Illinois 14 Foster, BillTemplate:Ref label Democratic Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory University of Wisconsin-Madison, Harvard University 20081955
Illinois 15 Johnson, Tim Republican Assembly of God Urbana City Council, Illinois House of Representatives attorney West Point, Illinois, University of Illinois College of Law 20011946
Illinois 16 Manzullo, Donald Republican Baptist attorney American University, Marquette 19931944
Illinois 17 Hare, Phil Democratic Roman Catholic congressional aide, union leader Alleman High School 20071949
Illinois 18 LaHood, Ray Republican Roman Catholic congressional aide, teacher, state House of Representatives Bradley University 19951945
Illinois 19 Shimkus, John Republican Lutheran Madison County treasurer U.S. Military Academy, Southern Illinois University 19971958
Indiana 1 Visclosky, Pete Democratic Roman Catholic attorney, congressional staff member Indiana University Northwest, Notre Dame Law School, Georgetown 19851949
Indiana 2 Donnelly, Joe Democratic Roman Catholic lawyer, printing executive Notre Dame 20071955
Indiana 3 Souder, Mark Republican Evangelical U.S. Senate staff member IPFW, Notre Dame 19951950
Indiana 4 Buyer, Steve Republican Methodist legal counsel, military The Citadel, Valparaiso University School of Law 19931958
Indiana 5 Burton, Dan Republican Christian Indiana House of Representatives; State Senate Indiana, Cincinnati Bible Seminary 19831938
Indiana 6 Pence, Mike Republican Christian attorney, radio talk show host Hanover College, Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis 20011959
Indiana 7 Carson, AndréTemplate:Ref label Democratic Muslim Indianapolis City-County Council member Concordia University Wisconsin, Indiana Wesleyan University 20081974
Indiana 8 Ellsworth, Brad Democratic Roman Catholic Sheriff of Vanderburgh County Indiana State University 20071958
Indiana 9 Hill, Baron Democratic Church of Christ State House of Representatives, U.S. House Furman University 20071953
Iowa 1 Braley, Bruce Democratic Presbyterian lawyer Iowa State University, University of Iowa 20071957
Iowa 2 Loebsack, David Democratic Methodist political science professor at Cornell College Iowa State University 20071952
Iowa 3 Boswell, Leonard Democratic Community of Christ State Senate Graceland University 19971934
Iowa 4 Latham, Tom Republican Lutheran agribusiness Iowa State University 19951948
Iowa 5 King, Steve Republican Roman Catholic State Senate Northwest Missouri State University (attended) 20031949
Kansas 1 Moran, Jerry Republican Methodist State Senate Majority Leader University of Kansas, Fort Hays State University (attended) 19971954
Kansas 2 Boyda, Nancy Democratic Methodist analytical chemist William Jewell College 20071955
Kansas 3 Moore, Dennis Democratic Protestant attorney University of Kansas, Washburn University 19991945
Kansas 4 Tiahrt, Todd Republican Assembly of God Kansas State Senate Evangel College, Southwest Missouri State University 19951951
Kentucky 1 Whitfield, Ed Republican Methodist Kentucky House of Representatives,attorney University of Kentucky, Wesley Theological Seminary 19951943
Kentucky 2 Lewis, Ron Republican Baptist State House of Representatives, minister Kentucky, Morehead State University, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 1994 1946
Kentucky 3 Yarmuth, John Democratic Jewish newspaper publisher Yale University 20071947
Kentucky 4 Davis, Geoff Republican Baptist manufacturing consultant U.S. Military Academy 20051958
Kentucky 5 Rogers, Hal Republican Baptist attorney University of Kentucky 19811937
Kentucky 6 Chandler, Ben Democratic Presbyterian State Auditor, Kentucky Attorney General University of Kentucky 2004 1959
Louisiana 1 Scalise, SteveTemplate:Ref label Republican Roman Catholic Louisiana State Legislature Louisiana State University 20081965
Louisiana 2 Jefferson, William Democratic Baptist State Senate Southern University, Harvard University 19911947
Louisiana 3 Melancon, Charlie Democratic Roman Catholic industry association president University of Southwestern Louisiana 20051947
Louisiana 4 McCrery, Jim Republican Methodist corporate attorney Louisiana Tech 1988 1949
Louisiana 5 Alexander, Rodney Republican Baptist State House of Representatives Louisiana Tech 20031946
Louisiana 6 Cazayoux, DonTemplate:Ref label Democratic Roman Catholic Louisiana State Legislature Louisiana State University 20081964
Louisiana 7 Boustany, Charles Republican Episcopalian general surgeon University of Southwestern Louisiana, Louisiana State 20051956
Maine 1 Allen, Tom Democratic Protestant Mayor of Portland Bowdoin College, Wadham College, Harvard University 19971945
Maine 2 Michaud, Mike Democratic Roman Catholic Maine State Legislature Unity College 20011955
Maryland 1 Gilchrest, Wayne Republican Methodist teacher Delaware State College 19911946
Maryland 2 Ruppersberger, Dutch Democratic Methodist Baltimore County Executive University of Maryland, University of Baltimore 20031946
Maryland 3 Sarbanes, John Democratic Eastern Orthodox lawyer Princeton University, Harvard Law School 20071962
Maryland 4 Edwards, Donna Democratic   community activist Wake Forest University, Franklin Pierce Law Center 20081958
Maryland 5 Hoyer, Steny Democratic Baptist State Senate President Maryland, Georgetown 19811939
Maryland 6 Bartlett, Roscoe Republican Adventist education, private sector Columbia Union, Maryland 19931926
Maryland 7 Cummings, Elijah Democratic Baptist State House of Delegates Howard, Maryland 19961951
Maryland 8 Van Hollen, Chris Democratic Episcopalian Maryland House of Delegates, Maryland State Senate Swarthmore, Harvard University, Georgetown University 20031959
Massachusetts 1 Olver, John Democratic Non-Affiliated Massachusetts State Legislature college professor Rensselaer, Tufts, MIT 1991 1936
Massachusetts 2 Neal, Richard Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of Springfield American International College, University of Hartford 19891949
Massachusetts 3 McGovern, Jim Democratic Roman Catholic congressional staff member American University 19971959
Massachusetts 4 Frank, Barney Democratic Jewish Massachusetts House of Representatives Harvard 19811940
Massachusetts 5 Tsongas, NikiTemplate:Ref label Democratic Eastern Orthodox Dean of External Affairs at Middlesex Community College Smith College, Boston University 20071946
Massachusetts 6 Tierney, John Democratic Non-Affiliated attorney Salem State College, Suffolk University 19971951
Massachusetts 7 Markey, Ed Democratic Roman Catholic State House of Representatives Boston College, Boston College Law School 19761946
Massachusetts 8 Capuano, Mike Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of Somerville Dartmouth College, Boston College Law School 19991952
Massachusetts 9 Lynch, Stephen Democratic Roman Catholic Massachusetts State Legislature Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston College Law School 2001 1955
Massachusetts 10 Delahunt, Bill Democratic Roman Catholic Norfolk County District Attorney Middlebury College, Boston College Law School 19971941
Michigan 1 Stupak, Bart Democratic Roman Catholic attorney, State House of Representatives Northwestern Michigan College, Saginaw Valley State College, Thomas M. Cooley Law School 19931952
Michigan 2 Hoekstra, Pete Republican Christian Reformed manufacturing executive Hope College, Ross School of Business 19931953
Michigan 3 Ehlers, Vern Republican Christian Reformed Kent County board of commissioners, Michigan State Legislature Berkeley, Calvin College (attended) 19931934
Michigan 4 Camp, Dave Republican Roman Catholic State House of Representatives Albion College, University of San Diego School of Law, University of Sussex (attended) 19911953
Michigan 5 Kildee, Dale Democratic Roman Catholic State House of Representatives, State Senate Sacred Heart Seminary, University of Detroit, University of Peshawar (attended) 19771929
Michigan 6 Upton, Fred Republican Protestant U.S. government administrator Michigan 19871953
Michigan 7 Walberg, Tim Republican Protestant State House of Representatives Fort Wayne Bible College 20071951
Michigan 8 Rogers, Mike Republican Methodist State Senate Adrian College 20011963
Michigan 9 Knollenberg, Joe Republican Roman Catholic insurance agent Eastern Illinois University 19931933
Michigan 10 Miller, Candice Republican Presbyterian Harrison Township Supervisor, Macomb County Treasurer, State Secretary of State Macomb County Community College, Northwood Institute 20031954
Michigan 11 McCotter, Thaddeus Republican Roman Catholic Wayne County Commission, State Senate University of Detroit 20031965
Michigan 12 Levin, Sander Democratic Jewish U.S. Government administrator University of Chicago, Columbia, Harvard Law School 19831931
Michigan 13 Kilpatrick, Carolyn Cheeks Democratic Baptist high school teacher, State House of Representatives Western Michigan University, Michigan, Ferris State University (attended) 19971945
Michigan 14 Conyers, John Democratic Baptist congressional aide Wayne State University 19651929
Michigan 15 Dingell, John Democratic Roman Catholic asst. prosecutor, Wayne County Georgetown 1955 1926
Minnesota 1 Walz, Tim Democratic-Farmer-Labor Lutheran Command Sergeant Major in the National Guard, teacher Chadron State College 20071964
Minnesota 2 Kline, John Republican Methodist U.S. Marine Corps colonel Rice University, Shippensburg University 20031947
Minnesota 3 Ramstad, Jim Republican Protestant State Senate University of Minnesota, George Washington University Law School 19911946
Minnesota 4 McCollum, Betty Democratic-Farmer-Labor Roman Catholic North St. Paul City Council, State House of Representatives College of St. Catherine 20011954
Minnesota 5 Ellison, Keith Democratic-Farmer-Labor Muslim State House of Representatives Wayne State University, University of Minnesota Law School 20071963
Minnesota 6 Bachmann, Michele Republican Evangelical Lutheran Education adviser for Minnesota Family Institute, State Senate Winona State University, Oral Roberts University, Marshall-Wythe School of Law 20071956
Minnesota 7 Peterson, Collin Democratic-Farmer-Labor Lutheran Certified Public Accountant, Minnesota State Senate Moorhead State University 19911944
Minnesota 8 Oberstar, Jim Democratic-Farmer-Labor Roman Catholic U.S. Marine Corps, chief staff assistant to Representative John Blatnik College of St. Thomas, College of Europe, Laval University, Georgetown University 19751934
Mississippi 1 Childers, TravisTemplate:Ref label Democratic Baptist Prentiss County Chancery Court Clerk University of Mississippi 20081958
Mississippi 2 Thompson, Bennie Democratic Methodist alderman, mayor of Bolton, Hinds County Board of Supervisors Tougaloo College, Jackson State University 1993 1948
Mississippi 3 Pickering, Chip Republican Baptist congressional aide Ole Miss, Baylor University 19971963
Mississippi 4 Taylor, Gene Democratic Roman Catholic U.S. Coast Guard, Bay St. Louis City Council, State Senate Tulane, University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Park 1989 1953
Missouri 1 Clay Jr., William Lacy Democratic Roman Catholic Missouri State Legislature University of Maryland, Harvard 20011956
Missouri 2 Akin, Todd Republican Christian Missouri National Guard, State House of Representatives Worcester Polytechnic Institute 20011947
Missouri 3 Carnahan, Russ Democratic Methodist State House of Representatives University of Missouri 20051958
Missouri 4 Skelton, Ike Democratic Disciples of Christ State Senate University of Missouri, University of Edinburgh (attended) 19771931
Missouri 5 Cleaver, Emanuel Democratic Methodist Mayor of Kansas City, pastor, radio show host Prairie View A&M, St. Paul School of Divinity 20051944
Missouri 6 Graves, Sam Republican Baptist State Senate University of Missouri 20011963
Missouri 7 Blunt, Roy Republican Baptist State Secretary of State Southwest Baptist University 19971950
Missouri 8 Emerson, Jo Ann Republican Presbyterian professional advocate Ohio Wesleyan University 1996 1950
Missouri 9 Hulshof, Kenny Republican Roman Catholic Assistant State Attorney General University of Missouri, University of Mississippi Law School 19971958
Montana At Large Rehberg, Denny Republican Episcopalian Montana House of Representatives, Lieutenant Governor, rancher Montana State University, Washington State University 20011955
Nebraska 1 Fortenberry, Jeff Republican Roman Catholic Lincoln city council, businessman Louisiana State University, Georgetown, Franciscan University of Steubenville 20051960
Nebraska 2 Terry, Lee Republican Methodist Omaha City Council, attorney Nebraska, Creighton University 19991962
Nebraska 3 Smith, Adrian Republican Christian Gering City Council, State Legislator University of Nebraska 20071970
Nevada 1 Berkley, Shelley Democratic Jewish State Assembly; attorney UNLV, San Diego 19991951
Nevada 2 Heller, Dean Republican LDS Nevada Assembly, State Secretary of State University of Southern California 20071960
Nevada 3 Porter, Jon Republican Roman Catholic Nevada Senate; insurance executive Briar Cliff 20031955
New Hampshire 1 Shea-Porter, Carol Democratic Roman Catholic social worker, Rochester City Council University of New Hampshire 20071955
New Hampshire 2 Hodes, Paul Democratic Jewish lawyer Dartmouth College, Boston College 20071951
New Jersey 1 Andrews, Rob Democratic Episcopalian Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders Bucknell, Cornell 19901957
New Jersey 2 LoBiondo, Frank Republican Roman Catholic New Jersey General Assembly St. Joseph's University 20031946
New Jersey 3 Saxton, Jim Republican Methodist New Jersey Senate East Stroudsburg University, Temple University 19841943
New Jersey 4 Smith, Chris Republican Roman Catholic retail executive Trenton State College 19801953
New Jersey 5 Garrett, Scott Republican Protestant New Jersey General Assembly Montclair State, Rutgers University 20031959
New Jersey 6 Pallone, Frank Democratic Roman Catholic Long Branch city council, New Jersey Senate Middlebury, Tufts, Rutgers 19891951
New Jersey 7 Ferguson, Mike Republican Roman Catholic teacher Notre Dame, Georgetown 20011970
New Jersey 8 Pascrell, Bill Democratic Roman Catholic New Jersey General Assembly, Mayor of Paterson Fordham University 19891937
New Jersey 9 Rothman, Steve Democratic Jewish Mayor of Englewood, Bergen County Surrogate Court judge Syracuse, Washington University 19971952
New Jersey 10 Payne, Donald Democratic Baptist Newark City Council Seton Hall, Springfield College 19891934
New Jersey 11 Frelinghuysen, Rodney Republican Episcopalian New Jersey General Assembly Hobart College 19951946
New Jersey 12 Holt Jr., Rush Democratic Quaker physicist Carleton College, NYU 19991948
New Jersey 13 Sires, Albio Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of West New York , Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly Saint Peter's, Middlebury 2006 1951
New Mexico 1 Wilson, Heather Republican Methodist business development planner United States Air Force Academy 19991960
New Mexico 2 Pearce, Steve Republican Baptist State House of Representatives New Mexico State University 20031947
New Mexico 3 Udall, Tom Democratic LDS State Attorney General Prescott College, Cambridge University, University of New Mexico 19991948
New York 1 Bishop, Tim Democratic Roman Catholic Provost of Southampton College Holy Cross, LIU 20031950
New York 2 Israel, Steve Democratic Jewish Huntington Town Board Nassau Community College, George Washington 20011958
New York 3 King, Peter Republican Roman Catholic Hempstead Town Council, Nassau County Comptroller St. Francis, Notre Dame Law 19931944
New York 4 McCarthy, Carolyn Democratic Roman Catholic Practical Nurse Glen Cove Nursing School 19971944
New York 5 Ackerman, Gary Democratic Jewish New York State Senator; newspaper publisher Queens College 19831942
New York 6 Meeks, Gregory Democratic Baptist New York Assemblyman Adelphi University, Howard University 19991953
New York 7 Crowley, Joseph Democratic Roman Catholic New York Assemblyman Queens College 19991962
New York 8 Nadler, Jerrold Democratic Jewish New York Assemblyman Columbia University, Fordham Law 19931947
New York 9 Weiner, Anthony Democratic Jewish New York City Councilman , SUNY Plattsburgh 19991964
New York 10 Towns, Ed Democratic Baptist Brooklyn Deputy Borough President North Carlina A&T, Adelphi 19831934
New York 11 Clarke, Yvette Democratic AME New York City Councilwoman Murrow High Schoolattended several colleges, but never graduated 20071964
New York 12 Velázquez, Nydia Democratic Roman Catholic Director, Dept. of Puerto Rican Community Affairs UPR, NYU 19931953
New York 13 Fossella, Vito Republican Roman Catholic New York City Councilman Wharton, Fordham Law 19971965
New York 14 Maloney, Carolyn Democratic Presbyterian New York City Councilwoman Greensboro College 19931948
New York 15 Rangel, Charles Democratic Roman Catholic United States Army Sergeant, attorney, New York Assemblyman NYU, St. John's 19711930
New York 16 Serrano, José Democratic Roman Catholic New York Assemblyman Lehman College 19901943
New York 17 Engel, Eliot Democratic Jewish high school teacher, New York Assemblyman Lehman College, New York Law School 19891947
New York 18 Lowey, Nita Democratic Jewish New York Assistant Secretary of State Mount Holyoke 19891937
New York 19 Hall, John Democratic Christian musician Ulster County Legislature; Saugerties School Board Notre Dame never graduated 20071948
New York 20 Gillibrand, Kirsten Democratic Roman Catholic lawyer Dartmouth College 20071966
New York 21 McNulty, Michael Democratic Roman Catholic NY Assemblyman; Mayor of Green Island Holy Cross 19891945
New York 22 Hinchey, Maurice Democratic Roman Catholic New York Assemblyman SUNY New Paltz 19931938
New York 23 McHugh, John Republican Roman Catholic New York State Senator Utica College, Albany 19931948
New York 24 Arcuri, Michael Democratic Roman Catholic Oneida County District Attorney SUNY Albany 20071959
New York 25 Walsh, Jim Republican Roman Catholic Syracuse Common Council St. Bonaventure 19891947
New York 26 Reynolds, Tom Republican Presbyterian New York Assemblyman Kent State 19991950
New York 27 Higgins, Brian Democratic Roman Catholic Buffalo Common Council,New York State Assemblyman Buffalo State, Harvard 20051959
New York 28 Slaughter, Louise Democratic Episcopalian Monroe County Legislature, New York Assemblywoman Kentucky 19871929
New York 29 Kuhl, Randy Republican Episcopalian New York State Assembly, New York State Senator Union College, Syracuse Law 20051943
North Carolina 1 Butterfield, G. K. Democratic Baptist North Carolina Supreme Court Justice North Carolina Central University 2004 1947
North Carolina 2 Etheridge, Bob Democratic Presbyterian Harnett County commissioner,North Carolina House of Representatives, Public Schools Administrator, North Carolina Campbell University 19971941
North Carolina 3 Jones, Walter Republican Roman Catholic North Carolina House of Representatives Atlantic Christian College 19951943
North Carolina 4 Price, David Democratic Baptist college professor Mars Hill College, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Yale 19971940
North Carolina 5 Foxx, Virginia Republican Roman Catholic North Carolina State Senate UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Greensboro 20051943
North Carolina 6 Coble, Howard Republican Presbyterian NC Secretary of Revenue,
state representative
Guilford College, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 19851931
North Carolina 7 McIntyre, Mike Democratic Presbyterian attorney University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 19971956
North Carolina 8 Hayes, Robin Republican Presbyterian North Carolina House of Representatives Duke 19991945
North Carolina 9 Myrick, Sue Republican Evangelical Methodist Business owner, mayor of Charlotte Heidelberg College 19951941
North Carolina 10 McHenry, Patrick Republican Roman Catholic North Carolina House of Representatives NC State, Belmont Abbey College 20051975
North Carolina 11 Shuler, Heath Democratic Baptist National Football League quarterback, real estate developer University of Tennessee 20071971
North Carolina 12 Watt, Mel Democratic Presbyterian attorney, State Senate University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Yale Law School 19931945
North Carolina 13 Miller, Brad Democratic Episcopalian North Carolina House of Representatives, State Senate University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, London School of Economics, Columbia 20031953
North Dakota At Large Pomeroy, Earl Democratic Presbyterian North Dakota House of Representatives, State Insurance Commissioner UND, University of Durham 19931952
Ohio 1 Chabot, Steve Republican Roman Catholic Cincinnati City Council, Hamilton County Commissioner William and Mary, Northern Kentucky 19951953
Ohio 2 Schmidt, Jean Republican Roman Catholic Miami Township trustee, State Senate Cincinnati 2005 1951
Ohio 3 Turner, Mike Republican Protestant Mayor of Dayton Ohio Northern, Case Western, Dayton 20031960
Ohio 4 Jordan, Jim Republican Christian State General Assembly, Ohio State Senate Graham High School 20071964
Ohio 5 Latta, Bob Template:Note label Republican Christian Wood County Commissioner, Ohio House of Representatives, Ohio State Senator Bowling Green State University, University of Toledo 20071956
Ohio 6 Wilson, Charlie Democratic Roman Catholic mortician, Ohio House of Representatives Ohio University 20071943
Ohio 7 Hobson, Dave Republican Methodist Ohio State Senator Ohio Wesleyan, Ohio State 19911936
Ohio 8 Boehner, John Republican Roman Catholic State House of Representatives Xavier 19911949
Ohio 9 Kaptur, Marcy Democratic Roman Catholic Domestic Policy Advisor, Carter Adm. Wisconsin, Michigan, MIT 19831946
Ohio 10 Kucinich, Dennis Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of Cleveland Case Western 19971946
Ohio 11 Fudge, MarciaTemplate:Ref label Democratic Church of God (Anderson) Mayor of Warrensville Heights Ohio State University, Cleveland Marshall College of Law2008 1952
Ohio 12 Tiberi, Pat Republican Roman Catholic Ohio House of Representatives Ohio State, Capital 20011962
Ohio 13 Sutton, Betty Democratic Methodist Barberton City Council, Summit County Council, Ohio House of Representatives Kent State 20071963
Ohio 14 LaTourette, Steve Republican Methodist Lake County Prosecutor Michigan 20031954
Ohio 15 Pryce, Deborah Republican Presbyterian Franklin County Judge Ohio State, Capital 19931951
Ohio 16 Regula, Ralph Republican Episcopalian U.S. Navy veteran, State Legislator Mount Union, McKinley Law 19731924
Ohio 17 Ryan, Tim Democratic Roman Catholic Ohio State Senator Bowling Green 20031973
Ohio 18 Space, Zack Democratic Eastern Orthodox attorney Kenyon College, Ohio State 20071961
Oklahoma 1 Sullivan, John Republican Roman Catholic State House of Representatives Northeastern State University 20031965
Oklahoma 2 Boren, Dan Democratic Methodist State House of Representatives Texas Christian University, Oklahoma 20051973
Oklahoma 3 Lucas, Frank Republican Baptist State House of Representatives Oklahoma State 20031960
Oklahoma 4 Cole, Tom Republican Methodist Oklahoma Senate, Oklahoma Secretary of State, college professor Grinell College, Yale, Oklahoma 20031949
Oklahoma 5 Fallin, Mary Republican Christian State Representative, Lieutenant Governor Oklahoma State 20071954
Oregon 1 Wu, David Democratic Presbyterian attorney Stanford, Yale Law School, Harvard Medical School (attended) 19991955
Oregon 2 Walden, Greg Republican Episcopalian Oregon House of Representatives, State Senate University of Oregon 19991957
Oregon 3 Blumenauer, Earl Democratic Non-Affiliated Oregon state representative, Multnomah County Commissioner, Portland City Commissioner Lewis & Clark College 1996 1948
Oregon 4 DeFazio, Peter Democratic Roman Catholic Lane County Commissioner, Chair Tufts, University of Oregon, Notre Dame 19871947
Oregon 5 Hooley, Darlene Democratic Lutheran Clackamas County Commissioner Oregon State University 19971939
Pennsylvania 1 Brady, Bob Democratic Roman Catholic congressional aide; Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission St. Thomas More High School 1998 1945
Pennsylvania 2 Fattah, Chaka Democratic Baptist Pennsylvania General Assembly Community College of Philadelphia, Wharton School, Fels Institute of Government (attended) 19951956
Pennsylvania 3 English, Phil Republican Roman Catholic Erie City Controller, Chief of Staff, State Senate Pennsylvania 19951956
Pennsylvania 4 Altmire, Jason Democratic Roman Catholic hospital executive Florida State 20071968
Pennsylvania 5 Peterson, John Republican Methodist State Senator, Pennsylvania Penn State 19971938
Pennsylvania 6 Gerlach, Jim Republican Protestant Pennsylvania General Assembly Dickinson College, Dickinson School of Law 20031955
Pennsylvania 7 Sestak, Joe Democratic Roman Catholic Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy US Naval Academy, Harvard 20071951
Pennsylvania 8 Murphy, Patrick Democratic Roman Catholic Captain, U.S. Army Widener University 20071973
Pennsylvania 9 Shuster, Bill Republican Lutheran businessman Dickinson College, American University 2001 1961
Pennsylvania 10 Carney, Chris Democratic Roman Catholic Associate Professor of political science at Penn State Worthington Scranton, army officer Cornell College, University of Wyoming 20071959
Pennsylvania 11 Kanjorski, Paul Democratic Roman Catholic community solicitor, judge Temple, Dickinson School of Law 19851937
Pennsylvania 12 Murtha, John Democratic Roman Catholic United States Army, State Representative Pitt, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Washington and Jefferson College 1974 1932
Pennsylvania 13 Schwartz, Allyson Democratic Jewish State Senator Simmons, Bryn Mawr College 20051948
Pennsylvania 14 Doyle, Mike Democratic Roman Catholic State Senator Chief of Staff Penn State 19951953
Pennsylvania 15 Dent, Charlie Republican Presbyterian State Senate Penn State, Lehigh 20051960
Pennsylvania 16 Pitts, Joe Republican Protestant State Representative, Pennsylvania Asbury College 19971939
Pennsylvania 17 Holden, Tim Democratic Roman Catholic Schuylkill County Sheriff Bloomsburg University 19931957
Pennsylvania 18 Murphy, Tim Republican Roman Catholic State Senator, Pennsylvania Wheeling Jesuit University, Cleveland State University, University of Pittsburgh 20031952
Pennsylvania 19 Platts, Todd Republican Episcopalian State Representative, Pennsylvania Shippensburg University, Pepperdine University School of Law 20011962
Rhode Island 1 Kennedy, Patrick Democratic Roman Catholic State Legislature Providence College 19951967
Rhode Island 2 Langevin, Jim Democratic Roman Catholic Rhode Island State Assembly, Rhode Island Secretary of State Rhode Island College, Kennedy School of Government 20011964
South Carolina 1 Brown, Henry Republican Baptist Hanahan city council, South Carolina House of Representative The Citadel, Baptist College 20011935
South Carolina 2 Wilson, Joe Republican Presbyterian South Carolina State Senate Washington and Lee University, University of South Carolina School of Law 20011947
South Carolina 3 Barrett, Gresham Republican Baptist State Representative, South Carolina The Citadel 20031961
South Carolina 4 Inglis, Bob Republican Presbyterian attorney Duke, University of Virginia School of Law 20051959
South Carolina 5 Spratt, John Democratic Presbyterian attorney Davidson, Oxford, Yale Law School 19831942
South Carolina 6 Clyburn, Jim Democratic AME state government; teacher South Carolina State 19931940
South Dakota At Large Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie Democratic Lutheran attorney Georgetown University 20041970
Tennessee 1 Davis, David Republican Baptist State Representative East Tennessee State 20071959
Tennessee 2 Duncan, Jimmy Republican Presbyterian state court judge Tennessee, George Washington University 1988 1947
Tennessee 3 Wamp, Zach Republican Baptist Business owner, real estate broker attended University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, attended Tennessee 19951957
Tennessee 4 Davis, Lincoln Democratic Baptist Mayor of Byrdstown, Tennessee State Legislature Tennessee Tech 20031943
Tennessee 5 Cooper, Jim Democratic Episcopalian college professor University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Oriel College, Harvard University Law School 20031954
Tennessee 6 Gordon, Bart Democratic Methodist Tennessee Democratic Party State Chair Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee 19851949
Tennessee 7 Blackburn, Marsha Republican Presbyterian Tennessee State Senate Mississippi State 20031952
Tennessee 8 Tanner, John Democratic Disciples of Christ Tennessee House of Representatives Tennessee 19891944
Tennessee 9 Cohen, Steve Democratic Jewish Tennessee State Senate, Attorney Vanderbilt, University of Memphis 20071949
Texas 1 Gohmert, Louie Republican Baptist Texas appeals court judge Texas A&M, Baylor University 20051953
Texas 2 Poe, Ted Republican Church of Christ federal court judge Abilene Christian University, University of Houston Law Center 20051948
Texas 3 Johnson, Sam Republican Methodist Texas state legislator SMU 19911930
Texas 4 Hall, Ralph Republican Methodist Texas State Senate, attorney; financial executive SMU, attended Texas Christian, attended Texas 19811923
Texas 5 Hensarling, Jeb Republican Episcopalian energy executive Texas A&M, University of Texas, Austin 20031957
Texas 6 Barton, Joe Republican Methodist oil industry consultant Texas A&M, Purdue 19851949
Texas 7 Culberson, John Republican Methodist Texas House of Representatives SMU, South Texas College of Law 20011956
Texas 8 Brady, Kevin Republican Roman Catholic Beaumont, Texas Chamber of Commerce executive University of South Dakota 19971955
Texas 9 Green, Al Democratic Christian Harris County Justice of the Peace, Houston NAACP president Florida A&M, Tuskeegee Institute, Texas Southern 20051947
Texas 10 McCaul, Michael Republican Roman Catholic attorney, federal prosecutor Trinity University, St. Mary's University, attended Harvard University 20051962
Texas 11 Conaway, Mike Republican Baptist oil exploration executive East Texas State 20051948
Texas 12 Granger, Kay Republican Methodist Mayor of Fort Worth Texas Wesleyan University 19991943
Texas 13 Thornberry, Mac Republican Presbyterian rancher, attorney Texas Tech, University of Texas Law School 19951958
Texas 14 Paul, Ron Republican Protestant physician Gettysburg College, Duke University School of Medicine 19971935
Texas 15 Hinojosa, Rubén Democratic Roman Catholic food processing executive, Texas State Board of Education University of Texas, Austin, University of Texas-Pan American 19971940
Texas 16 Reyes, Silvestre Democratic Roman Catholic U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service administrator El Paso Community College, attended University of Texas, El Paso 19971944
Texas 17 Edwards, Chet Democratic Methodist Texas State Senator Texas A&M, Harvard Business School 19911951
Texas 18 Jackson-Lee, Sheila Democratic Adventist Houston City Council Yale, University of Virginia Law School 19951950
Texas 19 Neugebauer, Randy Republican Baptist Lubbock City Council, real estate developer Texas Tech 20031949
Texas 20 Gonzalez, Charlie Democratic Roman Catholic district court judge University of Texas, Austin, St. Mary's University 19991945
Texas 21 Smith, Lamar Republican Christian Scientist Bexar County, Texas commissioner Yale, Southern Methodist University School of Law 19871947
Texas 22 Lampson, Nick Democratic Roman Catholic US Congressman, Texas 9th district Lamar University 19971945
Texas 23 Rodriguez, Ciro Democratic Roman Catholic Texas State Representative, US Congressman, Texas 28th district University of Texas at Austin 19931946
Texas 24 Marchant, Kenny Republican Nazarene mayor of Carrolton, State Representative, Texas Southern Nazarene University 20051951
Texas 25 Doggett, Lloyd Democratic Methodist Texas State Senate, Texas state supreme court justice, college professor University of Texas at Austin 19951946
Texas 26 Burgess, Michael Republican Reformed Episcopalian physician North Texas State, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston 20031950
Texas 27 Ortiz, Solomon Democratic Methodist County Commissioners Court of Nueces County, Nueces County Sheriff attended Del Mar College 19831937
Texas 28 Cuellar, Henry Democratic Roman Catholic Texas House of Representatives, Texas Secretary of State Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, University of Texas 20051955
Texas 29 Green, Gene Democratic Methodist State Representative, State Senator, Texas University of Houston 19931947
Texas 30 Johnson, Eddie Bernice Democratic Baptist State Senator, Texas, nurse St. Mary's College, Texas Christian, SMU 19911935
Texas 31 Carter, John Republican Lutheran district judge Texas Tech, University of Texas at Austin 20031941
Texas 32 Sessions, Pete Republican Methodist marketing executive Southwestern University 19971955
Utah 1 Bishop, Rob Republican LDS Utah State Representative, Chairman of the Utah Republican Party University of Utah 20031951
Utah 2 Matheson, Jim Democratic LDS Business owner Harvard, UCLA 20011960
Utah 3 Cannon, Chris Republican LDS attorney; ventural capitalist BYU 19971950
Vermont At Large Welch, Peter Democratic Roman Catholic Vermont Senate President Pro Tempore Holy Cross, University of California-Berkeley 20071947
Virginia 1 Wittman, RobTemplate:Ref label Republican Episcopalian Mayor of Montross, Westmoreland County Board of Supervisors, Virginia State House Virginia Polytechnic, Chapel Hill, VCU 20071959
Virginia 2 Drake, Thelma Republican UCC Virginia State House Old Dominion University 20051949
Virginia 3 Scott, Robert Democratic Episcopalian Virginia State Legislature Harvard University, Boston College Law School 19931947
Virginia 4 Forbes, Randy Republican Baptist Virginia State Senate Randolph-Macon College, University of Virginia School of Law 20011952
Virginia 5 Goode, Virgil Republican Baptist Virginia State Senate University of Richmond, University of Virginia School of Law 19971946
Virginia 6 Goodlatte, Bob Republican Christian Scientist Private legal practice Bates College, Washington and Lee University 19931952
Virginia 7 Cantor, Eric Republican Jewish Virginia State House George Washington University, College of William and Mary, Columbia University 20011963
Virginia 8 Moran, Jim Democratic Roman Catholic Mayor of Alexandria College of the Holy Cross, University of Pittsburgh 19911945
Virginia 9 Boucher, Rick Democratic Methodist Virginia State Senate Roanoke College, University of Virginia School of Law 19831946
Virginia 10 Wolf, Frank Republican Presbyterian Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior Pennsylvania State University, Georgetown University 19811939
Virginia 11 VacantTemplate:Ref label
Washington 1 Inslee, Jay Democratic Protestant Attorney Washington, Willamette 19991951
Washington 2 Larsen, Rick Democratic Methodist Snohomish County Council Pacific Lutheran, Minnesota 20011965
Washington 3 Baird, Brian Democratic Protestant Psychologist Utah, Wyoming 19991956
Washington 4 Hastings, Doc Republican Roman Catholic Washington State House Columbia Basin, Central Washington 19951941
Washington 5 McMorris Rodgers, Cathy Republican Christian Washington State House Pensacola Christian, Washington 20051969
Washington 6 Dicks, Norm Democratic Lutheran Legislative Assistant Washington 19771940
Washington 7 McDermott, Jim Democratic Episcopalian Psychiatrist, Washington State Senate Wheaton, Illinois 19891936
Washington 8 Reichert, Dave Republican Lutheran King County Sheriff Concordia Lutheran 20051950
Washington 9 Smith, Adam Democratic Christian Washington State Senate Fordham, Washington 19971965
West Virginia 1 Mollohan, Alan Democratic Baptist attorney William & Mary, WVU 19831943
West Virginia 2 Capito, Shelley Moore Republican Presbyterian West Virginia House of Delegates Duke, University of Virginia 20011953
West Virginia 3 Rahall, Nick Democratic Presbyterian Senate Staff Member; media executive Duke, George Washington 19771949
Wisconsin 1 Ryan, Paul Republican Roman Catholic Legislative Director Miami University 19991970
Wisconsin 2 Baldwin, Tammy Democratic Non-Affiliated Dane County Board of Supervisors, Wisconsin State Assembly Smith, Wisconsin 19991962
Wisconsin 3 Kind, Ron Democratic Lutheran County Prosecutor London School of Economics, Minnesota 19971963
Wisconsin 4 Moore, Gwen Democratic Baptist Wisconsin State Assembly, Wisconsin State Senate Marquette, Harvard 20051951
Wisconsin 5 Sensenbrenner, Jim Republican Episcopalian Wisconsin State Senate Stanford, Wisconsin 19791943
Wisconsin 6 Petri, Tom Republican Lutheran Wisconsin State Senate Harvard 19791940
Wisconsin 7 Obey, Dave Democratic Roman Catholic Wisconsin State Assembly Wisconsin 19691938
Wisconsin 8 Kagen, Steve Democratic Jewish allergist University of Wisconsin-Madison, Medical College of Wisconsin 20071949
Wyoming At Large Cubin, Barbara Republican Episcopalian Wyoming State Senate; Wyoming State House Creighton 19951946

Dates of sessions

Two sessions, roughly paralleling the calendar years 2007 and 2008, are scheduled.


The 110th Congress began with its traditional swearing in and performing many of the ceremonial and pedestrian activities associated with both a new Congress, and the change in control of both chambers to the Democrats. This was most pronounced in the House where Nancy Pelosi was elected as the first female Speaker of the House in the nation's history.

As the session opened in January 2007, the Democratic Leadership quickly undertook it's promised 100-Hour Plan, and began a rapid fire passage of ethics reforms and re-instating the PAYGO rules, pass and implementing the 9/11 Commissions recommendations, increasing the federal minimum wage to make it more fair, passing legislation easing Federal restrictions on Stem Cell research, fix Medicare Prescription Drug Benefits by giving Medicare the power to negotiate lower drug prices, cutting federal Student Loan interest rates, rolling back subsidies to "Big Oil", and guaranteeing to fight privatization of Social Security. The Congress also undertook debate surrounding George W. Bush's proposed Iraq troop escalation of 2007.

By January 18, 2007, 87 business hours after the swearing-in, the House had passed all the measures of the 100-Hour Plan. though the legislation still has to pass the Senate and receive the President's signature (or override his veto) to become law.

Weekly Articles


The Democrats control a majority in both chambers for the first time since the 103rd Congress in 1993 – 1995. Notably, no Democratic-held seats fell to the Republicans in the elections to the 110th Congress. Democrat Nancy Pelosi became the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House. Keith Ellison became the first Muslim in Congress; Mazie Hirono and Hank Johnson are the first Buddhists.

See the current membership of Congress for a full details of the current membership status of the 110th Congress.

Major Legislation Passed

See here for Legislation currently in Congress

(NOTE: The legislation below is placeholder content which is for format/structure purposes only; this section may be better integrated with the above link)

110th Congress (1st term 2007)

Passed by the House

Passed by the Senate

Passed by Congress

Previous Congresses

Major Legislation of Previous Congresses


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