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109th United States Congress (composition)

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109th U.S. Congress
Capitol Building, Washington D.C.
  • First Session: Jan 4 - Dec 22, 2005
  • Second Session: Jan 3 - Dec 9, 2006
House Majority: Republican
Senate Majority: Republican
Previous: 108th Congress
Next: 110th Congress

The 109th United States Congress meet from January 4, 2005, to January 1, 2007. All members of the House of Representatives were elected in the November 2004 House elections, while 34 of the members of the Senate were elected in the November 2004 Senate elections.


House leadership

Office Representative Party District
Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert Republican IL-14
Majority Leader Tom DeLay Republican TX-22
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Democrat CA-08
Majority Whip Roy Blunt Republican MO-7
Minority Whip Steny Hoyer Democrat MD-5

Senate leadership

Office Senator Party State
President Richard B. Cheney Republican Wyoming
President pro tempore Theodore F. Stevens Republican Alaska
Majority Leader William H. Frist Republican Tennessee
Minority Leader Harry M. Reid Democrat Nevada
Majority Whip A. Mitchell McConnell Jr. Republican Kentucky
Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin Democrat Illinois


Image:Map of US Senate membership 2004-2006.png
Map showing party membership in the 109th Senate. Red states are represented by Republicans and blue by Democrats. Purple states are represented by one senator from each party.

Members of the 109th United States Congress as of January 2005:


There are 55 Republicans, 44 Democrats, and 1 Independent in the 109th Congress.

The following is a list of the Senators of the 109th United States Congress, sorted by alphabetically, or you can view the list by state

Senator Party State Took Office
Daniel K. Akaka Democratic Hawaii 1990
Lamar A. Alexander Republican Tennessee 2003
A. Wayne Allard Republican Colorado 1997
George F. Allen Republican Virginia 2001
Max S. Baucus Democratic Montana 1979
B. Evans "Evan" Bayh III Democratic Indiana 1999
Robert F. Bennett Republican Utah 1993
Joseph R. Biden Jr. Democratic Delaware 1973
Jesse F. "Jeff" Bingaman Jr. Democratic New Mexico 1983
Christopher S. "Kit" Bond Republican Missouri 1987
Barbara L. Boxer Democratic California 1993
Samuel D. Brownback Republican Kansas 1996
James P. Bunning Republican Kentucky 1999
Conrad R. Burns Republican Montana 1989
Richard Burr Republican North Carolina 2005
Robert C. Byrd Democratic West Virginia 1959
Maria Cantwell Democratic Washington 2001
Thomas R. Carper Democratic Delaware 2001
Lincoln D. Chafee Republican Rhode Island 1999
C. Saxby Chambliss Republican Georgia 2003
Hillary Rodham Clinton Democratic New York 2001
Tom Coburn Republican Oklahoma 2005
W. Thad Cochran Republican Mississippi 1979
Norman Coleman Republican Minnesota 2003
Susan M. Collins Republican Maine 1997
Kent Conrad Democratic North Dakota 1987
John Cornyn Republican Texas 2003
Jon S. Corzine Democratic New Jersey 2001
Larry E. Craig Republican Idaho 1991
Michael D. Crapo Republican Idaho 1999
Mark Dayton Democratic Minnesota 2001
Jim DeMint Republican South Carolina 2005
Michael DeWine Republican Ohio 1995
Christopher J. Dodd Democratic Connecticut 1981
Elizabeth H. Dole Republican North Carolina 2003
Peter V. Domenici Republican New Mexico 1973
Byron L. Dorgan Democratic North Dakota 1993
Richard J. Durbin Democratic Illinois 1997
John E. Ensign Republican Nevada 2001
Michael B. Enzi Republican Wyoming 1997
Russell D. Feingold Democratic Wisconsin 1993
Dianne G. B. Feinstein Democratic California 1992
William H. Frist Republican Tennessee 1995
Charles E. Grassley Republican Iowa 1981
Lindsey O. Graham Republican South Carolina 2003
Judd A. Gregg Republican New Hampshire 1993
Charles T. Hagel Republican Nebraska 1997
Thomas R. Harkin Democratic Iowa 1985
Orrin G. Hatch Republican Utah 1977
Kay Bailey Hutchison Republican Texas 1993
James M. Inhofe Republican Oklahoma 1994
Daniel K. Inouye Democratic Hawaii 1963
Johnny Isakson Republican Georgia 2005
James M. Jeffords Independent Vermont 1989
Timothy P. Johnson Democratic South Dakota 1997
Edward M. Kennedy Democratic Massachusetts 1963
John F. Kerry Democratic Massachusetts 1985
Herbert H. Kohl Democratic Wisconsin 1989
Jon L. Kyl Republican Arizona 1995
Mary L. Landrieu Democratic Louisiana 1997
Frank R. Lautenberg Democratic New Jersey 2003 (first time 1983-2001)
Patrick J. Leahy Democratic Vermont 1975
Carl M. Levin Democratic Michigan 1979
Joseph I. Lieberman Democratic Connecticut 1989
Blanche L. Lincoln Democratic Arkansas 1999
C. Trent Lott Jr. Republican Mississippi 1989
Richard G. Lugar Republican Indiana 1977
Melquiades R. Martinez Republican Florida 2005
John S. McCain III Republican Arizona 1987
A. Mitchell McConnell Jr. Republican Kentucky 1985
Barbara A. Mikulski Democratic Maryland 1987
Lisa Murkowski Republican Alaska 2002
Patricia Murray Democratic Washington 1993
E. Benjamin Nelson Democratic Nebraska 2001
C. William Nelson Democratic Florida 2001
Barack Obama Democratic Illinois 2005
Mark Pryor Democratic Arkansas 2003
John F. "Jack" Reed Democratic Rhode Island 1997
Harry M. Reid Democratic Nevada 1987
C. Patrick Roberts Republican Kansas 1997
John D. "Jay" Rockefeller IV Democratic West Virginia 1985
Ken Salazar Democratic Colorado 2005
Richard J. Santorum Republican Pennsylvania 1995
Paul S. Sarbanes Democratic Maryland 1977
Charles E. Schumer Democratic New York 1999
Jefferson B. Sessions III Republican Alabama 1997
Richard C. Shelby Republican Alabama 1987
Gordon H. Smith Republican Oregon 1997
Olympia J. Snowe Republican Maine 1995
Arlen Specter Republican Pennsylvania 1981
Debbie A. Stabenow Democratic Michigan 2001
Theodore F. Stevens Republican Alaska 1968
John E. Sununu Republican New Hampshire 2003
James A. Talent Republican Missouri 2002
Craig Thomas Republican Wyoming 1995
John Thune Republican South Dakota 2005
David Vitter Republican Louisiana 2005
George V. Voinovich Republican Ohio 1999
John W. Warner Republican Virginia 1979
Ronald L. Wyden Democratic Oregon 1997

House of Representatives

There are 231 Republicans, 202 Democrats, and 1 Independent in the lower chamber of the 109th Congress, with 1 vacancy.





























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia



American Samoa

District of Columbia


Puerto Rico

Virgin Islands

Changes in Membership of the 109th Congress

House of Representatives

</td> <tr> <td align="left" valign="top">Bob Matsui
</td> <td align="left" valign="top">California, 5th
</td> <td align="left" valign="top">Death. Representative Matsui died on January 1, 2005.
</td> <td align="left" valign="top">Doris Matsui</td> <td align="left" valign="top">March 8, 20051
</td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left" valign="top">Rob Portman
</td> <td align="left" valign="top">Ohio, 2nd
</td> <td align="left" valign="top">Resignation. Representative Portman resigned on April 29, 2005 to become US Trade Representative.
</td> <td align="left" valign="top">--</td> <td align="left" valign="top">August 2, 2005
</td> </tr> </table> 1A primary in CA-05 was held on March 8, 2005. As Congresswoman Matsui got a majority of the votes on that date, a runoff on May 3, 2005 did not take place.[1]



State and


Reason for


Date of

Election of Successor

Reason for


Date of

Appointment of Successor

No vacancies have occurred in the Senate during the 109th Congress.

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 110th Congress  

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